Aloha, we are Jon and Heather, owners and creators of Almeda jewelry. We’re a couple who shares a passion for well-designed, thoughtful and beautiful objects. In 2018 Almeda Jewelry was created in our beautiful Kaneohe, Hawaii loft. We create our pieces using high quality porcelain, stoneware or a blend of both. Each piece is handmade by us and finished with 14k gold fill components.

Jon’s background is in miniature wheel thrown ceramics. He has an international following for his work Jon is extremely detailed focused and a perfectionist. He loves problem solving and making 3 dimenisional objects with his hands; mostly utulizing clay, wood and metal. When he isn’t busy creating beautiful objects he plays soothing Hawaiian Slack key guitar. Instagram

Heather, is a trained photographer and self taught painter. She tends to see the world in 2 dimensional compositions. The opposite of a perfectionist she tends to be drawn to organic unpredicable designs. She values comfort as much as beauty, because of this each jewelry design has to be as easy to wear as it is beautiful. Heather zones in on the wearability of each pieces making sure they hold up to regular wear while adding the perfect amount of sparkle to day to day life. Instagram